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Galatas just 170 km away from Athens and 32 miles away from the port of Piraeus , situated along a coastal area, just opposite from the picturesque island of Poros.

Galatas just 170 km away from Athens and 32 miles away from the port of Piraeus , situated along a coastal area, just opposite from the picturesque island of Poros.

Being very close to Athens, Galatas is an ideal choice for short breaks from daily routine or for a longer vacation. It is a great base for daily visits to nearby and easily accessible destinations such as Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Aegina, Agistri, Ermioni, Porto Heli, Methana, Epidaurus and Mycenae.

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Just a stone's throw away from the cosmopolitan island of Poros, Galatas still retains a strong traditional color and in combination with the spectacular view of the blue waters of the Saronic Gulf and the beautiful beaches that surround it enchants every visitor.

What can you do at Galatas?

Galatas will give you the opportunity to enjoy many different activities such as hiking for nature lovers, biking for the more sporty types or yoga kai pilates at the premises of Arcadia Suites and Spa for the more sophisticated.


On the beaches close to Galatas or in Poros, except from swimming and fishing, you have the opportunity to enjoy various water sports such as (kayaking, water - skiing, cubes, sailing, jet ski, diving, etc.).


Charter a boat to the isolated beaches of the area (Harbour of Love [Limanaki tis agapis in Greek], Nisaki, Neorio, Askeli, Monastery, Alikes, Artemos) and enjoy romantic beaches and wonderful experiences.



Guest who love culture, museums, and archaeological monuments can visit attractions such as Diavologefyro, the Lemon Grove - Lemonodasos and the Monastery of the Virgin Mary in Galatas. Archaeological Museum, Collection of shells, Temple of Poseidon, Life-Giving Spring Monastery, Russian Naval Base, Clock (the highest point of Poro's main town) and Naval base in Poros will enrich your holiday with an even more interesting note.



In the tavernas and restaurants of Galatas you will have the opportunity to taste the authentic, traditional island dishes cooked with love and pure ingredients such as the unique and famous olive oil of the region, fresh fish and vegetables ...all  just a few steps away from your suite.

Being in Galatas area you must not forget to taste also the famous macaroons - amygdalota of Poros and the handmade sweets and beverages made from fruits such as Pergamon, bigarade, Skaramangas, orange, tangerine, lemon e.t.c.


Folklore Tradition and Customs

Like the rest of Greece, in Galatas, local customs and traditions are of particular interest.

For lovers of tradition special cultural events are being organized. One of the most important and well - known cultural event of the area is the "Cultural Week of Galatas" which is taking place in late June and includes:
•    traditional dances
•    art exhibitions
•    exhibitions of traditional local products
•    exhibition of local costumes and
•    old customs representations

Prominent among the events in the region is the well-known Festival of Ancient Epidaurus.
The yachting week organized in Poros is also attracting yachting lovers from around the world.

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