Romantic getaway

Often a picture is equal to a thousand words ... similarly a visit to Arcadia Suites & Spa means a multitude of tender and romantic moments. Our services and your romantic mood create a unique mosaic of images, feelings, colors, flavors, and unforgettable memories.

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In Arcadia Suites & Spa you will have a unique opportunity for a romantic escape that will take care of your body and lift your mood. Start your day with the Arcadia hearty or healthy breakfast at your leisure on the balcony of your suite while enjoying the magnificent view of Poros Island.  If you have special requirements please inform us in advance and we will prepare a special breakfast according to your dietary needs.

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Adventure and Exploration

Arcadia Suites and Spa is a starting point for small day trips and tours to discover the beauty, history, culture, nature of the Peloponnesian land and the Saronic Gulf Islands.

There are many options to reach Galatas – Poros quickly and easily either by ferry, Flying Dolphin or by using your car or your private boat.

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