A stone's throw from the Galata only 5 minutes away is located the beautiful island of Poros.
Attractions: The main attractions of the island  are: The clock - the highest point of the city, the various mansions of the island  - unique samples neoclassicism with most importants those of: Deimezis, Grivas and Villa Galini which has accommodated great personalities in the past,  the Archaeological Museum where artifacts found dating from the Mycenaean to the Roman era, the famous Collection of Cells, the murals of Parthenis at the Cathedral of St. George, the Chatzopouleios Public Library, the Monastery of the Life-Giving, the family graves of Tombazis , N. Apostoli and Miaoulis, the Russian Naval Base and the Temple of Poseidon.

Activities: In the picturesque island of Poros, you can enjoy the unique charm of a sunset from the Clock of the city, you can breathe the refreshing sea air while and relax. Alternatively experience the various water sports and boost your adrenaline. The most popular water sports offered in the area are: canoeing, kayaking, sailing water ski, jet-ski, barefoot, jump, trick skiing, wakeboarding and windsurfing.

Combine relaxation and fun by taking a banana or tubes ride or a parachute experience.
Perfect for lovers of hiking and mountain biking trails are the pine-covered mountains of Poros. The peaks of the mountais in Poros Island will reward you with an indescribable view of the Saronic Gulf and all of the mountainous Peloponnese.
If you visit the beautiful island of Poros don’t forget to visit the shops with folk art, taste traditional foods of the area and having fun at the bars along the beach.

Beaches Poros despite its small size has many beaches, most of which are close to the town and you can visit them either by car, bus, bike, on foot or with boats from the port.

The most popular beaches in Poros island are:  the Canal,  the Monastery, Vagionia, the Russian Naval Base, Neorio, the Harbour of Love and Pearlia while opposite at the Galata area the best beaches considered to be those of  Plaka and Alikes two sandy beaches with shallow waters that begin where the famous Lemon Grove ends.

How to reach Poros from Galatas: The service is 24 hours and is done by small boats which depart from Galatas and Poros each 10' min and the trip takes only 5 minutes.

Alternatively you can choose the ferry boat to carry car. Departs every 30 minutes and the services is from 6:30 am to 22:30 pm daily.





Not far from Galatas is located the island of Hydra, with its beautiful cobbled streets and mansions full of colorful flowers. Hydra is one of the places on earth that cars are not allowed.

Sightseeings: On the picturesque island of Hydra you have to visit the mansions of the island, the 6 monasteries and 300 churches with their wonderful paintings of past centuries, the Historical Museum, the Byzantine Museum with major exhibits and the valuable publications.  You also have to visit the Bastions with the cannons which formerly protected the town. You should also visit the home of Lazarus Kountourioti in which today operates the National History Museum and the house of George Kountourioti in which now you can find  the Post-Byzantine Museum of Art and History of Hydra.
In the picturesque Hydra don’t forget to watch the sunset from the the Cave or the harbor from the hill region, the view will carry you away.

Activities: Discover various parts of the island either by riding donkeys or by hiking, climb the mountains, take a tour around Hydra by using small boats, go snorkeling, fishing or try various water sports and gain a unique experience from your visit in Hydra Island.

Beaches: In Hydra you will find beaches with crystal clear waters, with sand, pebbles or rocks accessible by foot, by donkey or by sea waiting for you to enjoy moments of relaxation and fun. Among the most popular beaches of this island are: the the Cave, Hydroneta, Vlychos, the area of Palamida, the bay of St. Nicholas, Nisiza, Klimaki,   Limnioniza, Molos, Kaoumithi, the beautiful beach of Agios Georgios,  the cape of Zouvra and Mandraki.

How to reach Hydra: you can reach Hydra Island either by taking the hydrofoil from Poros within 30 minutes or by driving to Matoxi and crossing by boats or Ferry Boats. The journey from Galatas to Metoxi is about 30 minutes while in order to cross to Hydra it takes about 12 minutes with Ferries  "FREEDOM I & II" performing their routes daily on regular basis.



The cosmopolitan and picturesque island of Spetses is located near Galatas too.

Attractions: Being in Spetses the island with the strong cultural heritage, visit the mansions of Hatzigiannis, Bouboulina ,the Town Hall, the Poseidoniou Square,  the Anargyro - Korialeneio School, the Kapodistrian Spiritual House, the church Panagia Armata, the cave of Bekiri,  the Museum of Bouboulina so as to discover the birthplace of important figures of the Greek revolution.

Activities: The picturesque streets of Spetses are an ideal choice for afternoon walks. Admire the gardens of the old mansion with the famous pebble. Then take a ride on the wagons with the horses around the town and you will complete the best way your afternoon stroll.

The best way to finish your day in Spetses is to visit the Old Port and have the experince of nightlife in this island. Being in Spetses, don’t forget to taste the famous macaroons and other sweets or Spetses.

Beaches: Apart from swimming and fishing you have also the ability to deal with various water sports such as skiing, canoeing, wind surfing, wakeboard, banana, tubes, pedalo, snorkelling e.t.c.

Spetses island has beaches for all tastes. Some of the most famous and beautiful beaches are: the beach of Agia Paraskevi, the beach of Anargyros School, Kouzounis beach,  beach of Agia Marina, beach of Xylokeriza  in the south of the island, Ligoneri beach, Zogeria beach, Agios Nikolaos beach, the Kamares beach, Vrellos beach, Kounoupitsa beach  and St. Mamos St. and St. Nicholasbeaches.

How to reach Spetses: Spetses, which for many is one of the most beautiful islands in the Saronic Gulf Islands, can be reached by boat or by taking the Flying Dolphin (Flying Dolphins: 2104224777) from Poros in about 1 hour or by the Ferry Boat going through all the islands of the Saronic Gulf (within 4 hours from Piraeus). Alternatively, from Galata following the coastal road after Metoxi, you arrive in Costa in 30 min and then cross to Spetses within 5 minutes.




Aegina is the second largest island of the Saronic Gulf Islands, known mostly for its pistachio production, its wonderful beaches and the Monasteri of Agios Nectarios.

Attractions: When find yourself in Aegina visit the Archaeological Museum where you can admire ancient remains and the relics of Marcellus tower which housed the first Greek anti-government committee, the Cathedral of Aegina has three red domes, the Government House - the building that housed the first government of Greece, the Orphanage, which is the first major public building built by Capodistria and finally the Historical Museum of Aegina.

Activities: One of the most interesting activities that one encounters in Aegina island is Ecotourism.

Beaches: Among the beautiful sandy beaches of the island you should not miss Souvala, Vayia, St. Marina, Portes, Marathon, Aeginitissa, Perdika and Monastery.

How to reach Aegina:  From Poros to Aegina you can go either by taking Flying Dolphin (+30 210 4199000) from within 35 minutes or passing by Ferry Boat (Hellenic Seaways - +30 210 4117341) within 1 hour and 15 minutes.



A small island with incredible beaches!

Sights: Agistri itself is one of the main attraction of Saronic Gulf  but if sometime you find yourself there forget a visit to the archaeological momuments at the Cultural Center of Megalochori and the only church on the island. Also in Agistri, you can wander at the various small villages and beaches by using the touristic train created especially for this occassion, a truly magical journey.

Beaches: Agistri is one of most romantic destinations in Greece. You can swim and relax on the beaches of Skala, Halikiada, Marezas, Megalochori, Dragonera and Aponisos.

How to reach Agistri:   If you are in Galatas region and you want to visit Agistri you can use a private chartered boat or you have to approach the island of Aegina firstly and afterwards to cross  to Agistri.




Hermione is located on the southeast coast of Argolida, just 40 km from Galata and is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the Gulf Islands.

Attractions: From the main attractions of the region are: Bisti an area full of pine trees at the remains of an ancient temples. Another unique sightseeing of the area is the temple of the Holy Archangels where the Third National Assembly took place, the Folklore Museum, the Monastery St. Anargyroi and finally Katafiki canyon northwest of Hermione.

Activities: You can swim, walk through the pine paths, explore caves and climb the cliffs of the Gorge area.

Beaches: The best-known beach are located near Bisti

How to reach Hermione: From Galatas region follow the coastal road and after Metoxi, you arrive at Hermione within 1 hour.



Porto Heli

www.wiw.gr / greek / kranidi_municipality_of_kranidi

54 km from Galata is the beautiful and picturesque Porto Heli with its beautiful beaches and unique natural beauty.

Attractions: In Porto Heli region you should visit the historic Monastery of Virgin Mary, the church of St. Demetrius, the chapel of St. Nicholas built on natural rocks and finally to admire the lush private island "crown jewel" located at the entrance of the harbor in Porto Heli.

Activities: In Porto Heli, enjoy your coffee by the sea with the fishermen's boats and sailing vessels, drink ouzo and taste delicious sea food in the local tavernas. For the more sportive types water sports offered in the area and the adrenaline will climb to zenith.

Beaches: The most popular beaches of Porto Heli are: Ververonta, the harbor, Thyni, Costa,  Lepitsa, Doroufi, Hinitsa and Gold Coast.

How to reach Porto Heli: From Galata following the coastal road, you arrive in Costa within 1 hour and 30 minutes. After Costa you continue the journey and you arrive in Porto Heli within 10 more minutes.





Attractions: Only  22 km away from Galatas is located the graphic island of Methana. Methana island with its continuous alternation on its landscapes, result of the volcanic action in the past, is known for the effective and salutary effect of its thermal springs on health and beauty.

Activities: In Methana island where everything is beautiful, quaint, traditional and welcoming you can  go for a walk in the amazing hiking trails, you can visit archaeological sites and remnants of ancient times. Also you can go fishing or to indulge yourself in the beneficial impact of hot springs or go climbing on the most important volcanic crater of Kameni Chora. Whatever activity you choose it is certain that you are going  to have a unique experience that will rejuvenate your senses.

Beaches: Methana is a destination surrounded by scenic beaches with crystal waters suitable for rest relaxation and fun. The most famous of these beaches are: Vathy, Almyra, Agios Georgios and Agios Nikolaos where you can enjoy a soothing bath.

How to reach Methana: From Galata you reach Methana through the road that leads to Athens and after a right turn in the proper junction. The duration of the trip is about 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately.





Located 54 km from Galata, on the road from Argos to Corinth Gulf, is the great historic city of Mycenae, with its notable archaeological discoveries and impressive vaulted tombs.

The place inhabited since the Neolithic Age (4000 BC) and flourished at the Late Bronze Age when it became the center of civilization on the Greek world.

Attractions: From the best preserved archaeological monuments of Mycenae the most prominent are the two royal funerary enclosures A and B part of the extensive prehistoric cemetery, the Treasure of Atreus (vaulted tomb), the vaulted tomb of Clytemnestra, the Lion Gate, the Royal Palace, the Temple, the North Gate and the Underground Cistern and the new, modern, Mycenae museum the exhibits of which arouse admiration in millions of visitors from all corners of the earth.

How to reach Mycenae: At Mycenae can be reached by car via the coastal road linking the Galatas - Epidaurus. The journey is approximately 30 minutes.





Nafplion is one of the major travel destinations in mainland Greece with incomparable beauty, a lot of romantic corners, unique cultural identity and history.

Attractions: In the beautiful city of Nafplion wander in the narrow streets, visit the Castle of PALAMIDI with the 999 steps and admire the view from the top of the hill, visit the cell where Theodoros Kolokotronis was imprisoned. Go to Bourtzi island and fort by the small fishing boats and afterwards take an invigorating walk along the Acronauplia (fortress to protect the town). Visit the First Chamber and the First School in Greece.  Also of great interest in Nafplion are the church of St. Spyridon in the yard of which Kapodistrias was murdered and the symbolic statue of the Lion of Bavaria. The Court, the Archaeological and Folklore Museum of Nafplion, the Children's Museum, the War Museum, the Museum of Worry and the National Gallery with their notable exhibits are also worth visiting.

Activities: Nafplion is a romantic and fascinating city with the signs of its invaders still lively.  It has its own particular color and many things to do when you visit. For example  you can wander around the narrow Venetian streets of Nafplio, enjoy your coffee or a refreshing drink by the sea, taste the delicious dishes offered by the range of restaurants and taverns of the area, take a tour of the city with a small train or rent a car and explore the surrounding areas.

Beaches: The most popular beaches of Nafplio is the rocky beach of Arvanitia and the sandy beach of Karathonas. On the beach Karathonas you will find many restaurants and taverns open almost all day, umbrellas and other facilities. Water sports are also available on this beach.

How to reach Nafplio: You can reach Nafplion within short time through the new road linking Galatas and Epidaurus. The journey is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.





Very close to Galata just 45 kilometers away is the famous town of Epidaurus with the best preserved ancient Greek theater and the annual Festival of Epidaurus.

Attractions: In Epidaurus you should visit and admire the ancient theater and the nearby archaeological monuments. The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, with its excellent acoustic and the Sanctuary of Asclepius are two of the major attractions. You should also attend the Epidaurus Festival.

Activities: In Epidaurus visit the archaeological sites, swim in the great sandy beaches full of pine trees and relax in the small port of Ancient Epidaurus by drinking yourcoffee, eating a refreshing ice cream or by enjoying delicious dishes in the traditional taverns.

Beaches: The most beautiful beaches that you can find in the area of Epidaurus are: the beach of Gialasi, the beach and Vagionia, Kalamaki beach. Finally, the beach of Aliota is a destination that no visitor should miss.

How to reach Epidaurus:  At Epidaurus you can easily reach within 30 minutes throught the new coastal road of Galata – Epidaurus.

Arcadia Suites and Spa - Ancient Epidaurus
A journey through time at a short distance from today!

Arcadia Suites and Spa is more than its ideal and carefully made facilities and high quality services that makes it stand out and guarantees you a unique holiday experience. In one of the most beautiful shores of the Saronic Gulf, where the green of nature and the blue of the sea are successfully combined, Arcadia Suites and Spa can easily be the starting point, the occasion, or the base for you to visit particular destinations with most important the Ancient Epidaurus.

In Ancient Epidaurus, in a 44 km distance from Galata and Arcadia Suites and Spa, through the new highway, you can admire the archaeological site of Asklepieion (“Sanctuary of Asklepios”).

Among the ancient edifices (temples, sport establishments, baths, etc.), which once were one of the greatest sanctuaries of ancient Greece, stands most distinguished the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus with a capacity of 14,000 seats, well known for its exceptional acoustics, is the best preserved building of Asklepieion in Epidaurus. In recent years, (mainly since and after 1955) on the premises of the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, during the Athens - Epidaurus Festival that is held every summer, is attempted the revival of the ancient drama and is achieved the historic continuity of antiquity.

The Epidaurus Festival is being held for more than 50 years and the Ancient Theatre has hosted several leading names of the Greek and foreign acting community.Apart from the ancient drama, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus often hosts many other events such as: concerts, opera and dance productions that are definitely worth watching.

The program of the Athens - Epidaurus Festival for 2011 is available at the following web address: http://www.greekfestival.gr/en/program

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